Example Responses to Buyer Questions and Comments (Times Table)

You know those awkward questions or comments from Buyers that you typically don’t respond to as well as you might. They vary by industry, but common examples are: ‘Why should I do business with you? Can you send me a quote? Can you match this price? etc.

Your responses can lack confidence and even sound defensive. Or worse,you fumble it all together. And almost always, you end up talking too much.

Anything less than confident, credible responses is not a good look and we immediately lose ground with Buyers. It doesn’t make you feel good either does it?

Well, there is a simple solution: ‘canned responses’ 

The ‘Times Table’ of Sales

Remember learning your ‘Times Tables’ as a kid? The ability to multiply any two numbers under 12 was an essential life skill, so you practised doing it until you knew the answers rote.  Now you no longer do the math (think), you simply recall the answer from the 144 of them embedded in your brain!

The same principle applies to addressing common Buyer statements. When you have committed the answers to memory you can deliver them automatically without thinking. And because you have remembered them ahead of time, you can make a point of remembering good answers, not just any answers.

The way to acquire that skill is repetitive practice of rote answers, just like you did to learn your Times Tables. 

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