Exploring Perceptions of Value & Value Gaps

In exploring a person’s Perceptions of Value (POV), here are some examples of the questions you might ask. As you would expect, not all questions are appropriate to all situations. That will depend upon the context of the discussion. For example, is it a general discussion, or does it have a specific context, such as a planned purchase?

Use this as a cheat sheet in practice sessions. Take a pause whilst you look for the next most appropriate question and experiment with different ones, getting feedback from your counterpart. Simply by practising these conversations the responses will start coming to you naturally.  

General (might also apply to context-specific)

What is important to you?

Why is that important?

If you had a magic wand, what would you wave it at?

If you had a blank cheque, how would you spend it?


Why do you want a ______________?

What will be different for you when you have a ____________________?

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