Role-Playing Tips

The object of roleplay is to practice the behaviours you’re learning in The Sales Natural so that they become habitual and natural to you. And also to rehearse what you’ll do in real-life situations. 

The alternative is to go straight to live-performance. Essentially to be unprepared. The risks associated with that are huge. Ineffective conversations not only a waste of time, they lose sales. And repeating those practices embeds them in an endless cycle of doing what doesn’t work.

The only way to learn

How do Buyers view our performances? Unlike audiences, they rarely give us feedback. Instead, they don’t want us back, or they don’t buy. We can’t learn from that. 

Practising is the only way to become good at something. If our performance isn’t OK in the practice nets, or the train or flight simulator, or a roleplay, then we can be confident we won’t perform in the real situation.

OK, so enough about why?  

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