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Your Coach: Patrick Boucousis


The Sales Natural Course Program

The Sales Natural Masterclass includes:

  • 6 themed Modules containing over 50 (3-7 mins) video lessons.
  • Download notes and other resources
  • Practical exercises and mock interactions with course participants.
  • Live video coaching, forum, email and phone support for 6 months.  

Following is a summary of the program content. Each Module contains multiple lessons.



Learn what sets Sales Naturals apart from ‘typical’ Sellers and how to develop the Mindset of a Natural. 

  • Your Starting Point. A brief Self-Assessment to know where you are now.
  • Why traditional sales methods don’t work and ‘natural’ methods do.
  • The D-E-C-I-D-E sequence to win a sale.
  • 5 Types of questions that keep Buyers talking and opening-up.
  • What trust is and how you grow it quickly.


Learn how to engage with Buyers to grow trust and credibility.

  • How to grow trust from first contact and not lose it (as other Sellers do).
  • Have value conversations that Buyers enjoy (vs. needs interrogations).
  • How to listen to really understand.
  • The Power of Trust. How it works for you.
  • The simple technique to be of value to Buyers in every interaction.


Learn how to create collaborative partnerships with Buyers.

  • Have Buyers wanting you to collaborate with them.
  • How to build ‘partnerships’ and avoid the other types of relationships.
  • Discover what Buyer’s Value (value not need, governs what they buy).
  • Eliminate Buyer Objections (they’re a sign of poor technique).
  • How to ask the tough/searching questions without causing offense.


Learn how standout from competitors as a person of value from very first contact.

  • The Psychology of Interaction. The science of the Sales Natural.
  • Create immediate impact that has you standing out from your competitors.
  • Start phone calls in a way that immediately gains Buyer attention.
  • Begin your emails in a way that compels Buyers to keep reading.
  • How to differentiate, even if your products/services are commodities.
  • Demonstrate to Buyers on first contact that you will be of value.


Learn how to be of compelling value to Buyers. Help them clarify the value they want and become the source of that value.

  • How need prompts Buyers to look and value dictates what they buy.
  • The simple technique to transition conversations from Price to Value.
  • How to quantify value.
  • How you personally can ‘BE’ a Source of Value.
  • Discover what Buyers really value that 95% of Sellers never get to know.
  • How to make intangible value tangible and worth paying for.
  • How to (not) have Price Conversations.

Creating Solutions

Learn how to collaborate with Buyers to co-invent solutions that they then buy with little or no negotiation.

  • Know where you are in a sale and plan next actions.
  • How to avoid Buyer pressure to propose an offering until you’re ready.
  • How to collaborate with Buyers to create a consensus solution.
  • How to only do product demonstrations that win sales.
  • Create offers that you know Buyers will accept, without negotiation.
  • Have Buyers accept your offers without a high-pressure ‘close’.
Greg Manko
Manko Marketing Inc

The Sales Natural program is absolutely brilliant. Learning how to leverage my natural curiosity and speak with buyers like fellow human beings has been an eye-opener. I’m winning new clients and increasing project values with current clients. My relationships with buyers across the board are now more natural, meaningful, and fun.

“As a marketer, I tend to be more on the creative side, and I appreciate how the course has helped me understand the “Why” behind the “What” of my actions.

“Advancing through the program, I felt I was making real progress, I could immediately apply what I learned and I am now more confident, building trust quickly with buyers, and getting great results!”

In The Sales Natural Masterclass, you’ll learn the Same Page Selling method that will have you understanding Buyers and gaining their trust very quickly, usually within your first or second interaction.

You’ll learn how to achieve exceptional sales results by being your natural self, authentic, transparent and ethical. By being anything but a ‘typical Seller’.

Sales Naturals are called that because they consistently win sales. Not because they’re always selling.  In fact, Naturals don’t ‘sell’ at all, at least not in the accepted sense. They simply make it easy for Buyers to buy.

And that doesn’t mean Naturals are pushovers. The reverse in fact. When you’re trusted you can challenge Buyers and you can influence them. You’re a Trusted Advisor. A respected partner in a mutually beneficial relationship.

There’s no special talent required. No pre-qualifications. However, you do need self-awareness (ego in check), a genuine desire to be of value, a willingness to learn (and be coached) and persistence.

‘Learning to be natural: ’ Sounds like an oxymoron? Then consider this. Once you couldn’t, crawl, walk or talk. Those skills weren’t natural to you. You had to learn them and then you became a natural. Similarly, the skills and techniques of a Sales Natural aren’t natural to you — yet. But take the course and practice what you learn, and you will become a natural. 

Who’s it for?

Being authentic, transparent and ethical works for any situation. 

That said, the focus of The Sales Natural is B2B, typically complex (multi-buyer) sales where the goal is to establish the high-trust relationships essential for repeat business, effective account management and referrals.

The Sales Natural eliminates the cringe that many people associate with being in a sales role. In my courses I ask students ‘would you buy from you?’. I’ve had hundreds of ‘no’s’ and just a handful of ‘yes’s’. Why so few? My take is that many if not most sellers don’t feel as comfortable about their role as they should. That’s not OK, and I’m on a mission to have a 100% ‘YES’ to that question. 

And it’s not just ‘sellers’. Dan Pink in his bestseller ‘To Sell is Human’ cites research that shows workers spend on average 40% of their time ‘selling’ e.g. influencing, whether they’re in sales roles or not. So, let’s be great at it and feel great too!

At the end of the day, the problem is not with selling so much, as the way most people go about it. Selling needs to be redefined.

The Sales Natural is for those keen to break from the stereotype and elevate their practices (and the profession of selling) to achieve exceptional sales results by doing  what really works and being what buyers really need.

“I found this course very inspiring. I love meeting people and selling and The Sales Natural program has shown me that it is correct to be authentic, natural and real. I have loved having the traditional way of selling challenged.”

“Discovering what is important and of value to the buyer, changes your conversation and works towards building trust. This program has helped me to achieve sales I may previously have lost by getting me to stay focused on the values and needs of the buyer.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone who wishes to improve their selling skills.”

Bev Carroll
Dialog Information Tech.

The Problem with Sales Training

Training is of little benefit if it doesn’t result in sustained improvement.
And traditional Sales Training has a poor track-record in that regard. 


  • Sales Transformation i.e. moving from traditional product/service-centric ‘push’, to buyer-centric ‘pull’ processes is about behavior change.
  • Even when convinced of the need, changing behavior is hard. It means stepping out of comfort zones and we resist that. It’s human nature.
  • When interacting with Buyers, you’re thinking on your feet. Instinct rules and so change is even harder. Sellers revert to entrenched habits.
  • Classroom training is effective for imparting knowledge (the ‘what’), but embedding the ‘how’ requires practice, feedback and correction.
  • If post course reinforcement and coaching is inadequate, or they don’t routinely practice their new skills, Sellers simply revert to old habits. They don’t change, and Transformation doesn’t occur.
  • Lack of Senior and Sales Management support e.g. in encouraging continuous learning/practice and leading by example.
  • Lack of effective performance improvement metrics.
Alan Hong Choy
Targeted Business Services

“I’m an Accountant who has never done any sales training and I came to realize I needed to improve my sales technique, but everyone kept talking to me about finding their pain points.”

“The Sales Natural has helped me understand how to build trusting relationships with my prospects and clients, so they want to do business with me even though I’m not the lowest cost, simply because they trust me.”

“Patrick has been an inspiration to my whole outlook on selling, His encouraging me to do role playing has helped me develop my skills, not only am I learning the theory, but I am putting it into practice with fellow students. I recommend The Sales Natural. It works..”

About the Course

  • 50 Bite-sized Video Lessons (5-8 min) focus on a single topic, which suits salespeople as they enable quick revision/reinforcement and look-up of tips to help with immediate sales situations.
  • Self-paced Learning. Nominal course duration is 16 hours over 3-4 months.
  • Learning Resources: Downloadable Transcripts and other resources.
  • Assessment: Confirm understanding.
  • Live Coaching. Minimum of 10 group coaching sessions (30-60mins), hosted by me personally. Freedom to join ad-hoc sessions when scheduled.
  • Facilitated 1 on 1 Practice Sessions. Peer to peer. Repetition (practice) is the most effective way to embed new habits and become ‘natural’.
  • Support Forum. 6 months access
  • Introductory Course Fee: $995.
  • Money-back Guarantee. If your Sales Effectiveness doesn’t improve by at least 25%, or you’re dissatisfied for any other reason, I’ll refund your course fee in full.

“Thanks to The Sales Natural Program, I’m getting fantastic results!

“I’ve been looking to improve my sales skills for a while and have found someone who genuinely cares and wants to help you improve. 

“It’s not just online lessons and no action. Being able to practice with like-minded partners helps you better your skills without the risk of doing so with real prospects.”

“I’m now much more confident when talking to prospects. My clients are happier and better understand the value they are getting from me and so I’m winning higher value sales without discounting – I was never able to do that previously.”

Adrian Harrison
Adrian Harrison Photography

Making it Stick

The Sales Natural Program addresses most of the shortcomings in traditional training methods:

  • Bite-sized chunks avoids information overload (drinking from a fire hose sensation) of a one or two-day course and subsequent rapid knowledge decay.
  • Learning tailored to needs. Students consolidate their understanding and practice of each skill (repeating if necessary) before moving to the next. They build upon success.
  • Online support plus interactive coaching that is both expert and available helps students when they become stuck.
  • Regular coaching calls/webinars/podcasts embeds a culture of peer cooperation and continuous improvement in the practice of their sales craft.
  • Not dependent on in-house coaching skills. Where in-house coaches/managers are unavailable or lack the skills, confidence, motivation, time etc.
  • Reinforcement is provided by ongoing managed practice and coaching of learned skills.
  • Overcome fear of asking for help. Students are often more comfortable, initially at least, seeking help from an independent (non-judgemental) coach.
  • Measurement and Review. Self-Assessment profiles provide for student/supervisor performance review and development planning.
  • 24/7/183 access to learning resources even after completion, allows students to ‘refresh’ at any time. Far more effective than a static Workbook.
  • Get new hires up and running quickly with immediate availability of training.
  • Students schedule their own time. Coaching sessions are scheduled, with Recordings available when unable to attend.
  • Cost effectiveg. reduced travel and accommodation, room hire etc.
  • Bottom line: improved ROI.

And what does The Sales Natural not address? Well, management commitment and support are the most obvious.

Bottom Line

The Sales Natural is a no-risk opportunity for you to lift your sales team to a completely new level of performance with a no-risk 24/7/183 Training and Coaching Program that will teach them how to.

Get to decision makers and…

  • Build high-trust relationships, credibility and influence.
  • Be differentiated from your competitors.
  • Be a continuous source of value that buyers want to collaborate with.
  • Create offers that Buyers will accept with little or no negotiation.

And ultimately, sell more at higher margins.

The Investment Case

  Typical Course The Sales Natural Masterclass
Content Access 2 days 24/7/183
On-Demand Lesson Review No Yes
Materials Workbook Full Lesson Transcripts
Live Coaching Sessions No 10+ Hours 
Facilitated Practice No Yes
Personalized Support (6 months) No Yes
Support Forum ? Yes
Assessment ? Yes
Travel and Accommodation $? 0
Performance Guarantee $? 100%
Course Fee

AUD $1,500+GST (est.)

AUD $995+GST

Join Risk Free!

50+ Video Lessons
Download Notes and Resources
Live Online Personalized Coaching
Member Forum
Facilitated Practice
Email Support
24/7 Access for 6 months



I Practice What I Preach. No Value. No Pay

If within 60-days of commencing The Sales Natural Masterclass and completing the course exercises to that point, you don’t believe you’re on track to materially improve your sales effectiveness and would like to leave the program, let me know and I will refund your course fee in full.

Patrick Boucousis
The Sales Natural