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“Introduction to Same Page Selling”

If this is happening to you…

  • They don’t respond to my calls or emails.
  • When I do make contact, they just aren’t interested in meeting/speaking with me.
  • It’s hard to build rapport and trust.
  • They see little difference between what I offer and what my competitors have.
  • I don’t know how to get them to tell me what they’d really value.
  • I don’t know how to come up with a ‘hook’ that will grab him/her.

In this training, learn:

Your Coach

Patrick Boucousis 

The consummate Sales Natural, Patrick learned  early in his career that personal integrity and a focus on being of personal value was the key to sales success. And he’s been ‘walking the walk’ ever since, selling, training, coaching, running businesses and winning deals from $600 to $60M.

Patrick coached his own sales teams personally, teaching them to connect with buyers to help them buy. And they won more business and at much higher margins than their peers. Inevitably, Patrick was approached by numerous companies to coach their sales teams, which led to him codifying his methods in a formal training program.

That live program has now been enhanced for online delivery as The Sales Natural, an innovative program  that enables Sellers from novice to experienced to learn and practice how to achieve exceptional sales results simply by behaving authentically as their natural selves.

What Others Say

The Sales Natural program is absolutely brilliant. Learning how to leverage my natural curiosity and speak with buyers like fellow human beings has been an eye-opener. As a result, I’m winning new clients and increasing project values with current clients. My relationships with buyers across the board are now more natural, meaningful, and fun.

Online training combined with Patrick's personal coaching and one-on-one practice with other participants embeds the learning to make for more natural buyer conversations.

Advancing through the program, I felt I was making real progress, I could immediately apply what I learned and I am now more confident, building trust quickly with buyers, and getting great results!
Greg Manko
Manko Marketing Inc
Thanks to The Sales Natural Program, I’m getting fantastic results!

The online lessons are very clear and well produced with minimal fluff and Patrick is there to support you in the group coaching calls and even personally via email.

And It’s not just online lessons and no action. Being able to practice with like-minded partners helps you better your skills without the risk of doing so with real prospects. I’m now much more confident when talking to prospects. My clients are happier and better understand the value they are getting from me and so I’m winning higher value sales without discounting – I was never able to do that previously.
Adrian Harrison
Adrian Harrison Photography
I am an Accountant who has never done any sales training and over time I've come to realize that I needed to improve my sales techniques, but everyone kept talking to me about finding their pain points.

Then I met Patrick from The Sales Natural who has helped me understand how to build a trusting relationship with my prospective clients so they wanted to do business with me even though I'm not the lowest cost, simply because they trust me.

Patrick has been an inspiration to my whole outlook on selling, His encouraging me to do role playing has helped me develop my skills, not only am I learning the theory, but I am putting it into practice with fellow students. I recommend The Sales Natural. It works..
Alan Hong Choy
Targeted Business Services
I found this course very inspiring. I love meeting people and selling. The Sales Natural program has shown me that it is correct to be authentic, natural and real. I have loved having the traditionally way of selling challenged.

Discovering what is important and of value to the buyer, changes your conversation and does work towards building trust. This program has helped me to achieve sales that I may previously have lost by getting me to stay focused on the values and needs of the buyer.

It is also great having one-on-one practice with other participants and receiving direct advice from Patrick. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone who wishes to improve their selling skills.
Bev Carrroll
Dialog Information Technology