Introduction to ‘Same Page Selling’

Patrick Boucousis

7% of Professional Sellers win >70% of the sales they pursue, where 80% of Sellers win <40% of their sales.

Why such a difference? What distinguishes the 7% from the 80%?

And, can anyone join the ranks of the 7%?

Yes, they can.

It’s simply a matter of demonstrating to Buyers that you’re authentic, ethical and intent on being of real value to them. That you’re on the same page. And here is how you do that…

Understand Buyer Motivation

Discover What They Want

Create the Winning Offer

Why They’ll  Buy You

Session 1: Understand Buyer Motivation.

Understand what it is that compels Buyers to buy a particular product or service.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not ‘needs’!

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Session 2: Find Out What They’ll Buy.

Now you know what motivates Buyers to buy. How do you discover that for each sales opportunity?

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Session 3: Make Them The Offer They Can’t Refuse.

Now you know what Buyers want, here’s how to create the offer you’ll know they’ll accept.

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Session 4: Why Buy From Me?

Here’s why Buyers will buy from you and not your competitors.

And, as a bonus, I explain the huge return you’ll get from learning Same Page Selling.

What Next?

Like to know more about the Same Page Selling process?

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